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50 best Christmas gifts for the foodie in your life Wine News

Buying a Christmas present for an avid cook should be easy, but not all kitchen kits are created equal. There’s a world of difference between a wooden spoon that feels great in your hand and a goofy gadget that just doesn’t deliver power. Plus, of course, not all food processors or knives are stylish enough to be on display.

Fear not, The Telegraph’s food team has scoured the kitchen shelves of our biggest retailers, independent artisans and stores that do one thing brilliantly, and companies offering insider expertise to bring you this delicious treat. gift guide.

Better yet, we’ve broken it down by type – so whether you know a Bake Off fan who loves nothing more than cakes, an aspiring Masterchef who desires the latest tech gear, or an adventurous cook who wants to be the first with the latest ingredients and cookbooks, we’ve got the perfect ideas.

And if you’re reading this at the last minute or can’t cope with the shops, fear not. There are a myriad of online and in-person classes and courses that all types of food lovers would love to get started on early next year – from sharpening their knife skills to foraging in foodies. drink. (Better yet, you might be able to taste the results of their work!)

Do like a chef

by Lisa Markwell

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