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How Making Two Drastic Changes To My Breakfast Diet Improved My Days Wine News

Breakfast. Some have it, some don’t. But whatever it is we have, chances are it was the same this morning as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.

Yes, researchers at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands have revealed – via studies in the United States and France – that breakfast is officially the most boring and immutable meal of the day.

Or, as they put it: “The endogenously and exogenously induced variation in the activation of hedonic goals modulates the search for variety in meals over days.”

And, as I feel like I have been put on this planet to translate gibberish, I can tell you what they mean is that not many of us are this hedonic at breakfast, keeping our hedonistic. secret until – at least – lunchtime, when the variety and spice of life can be unleashed.

Breakfast is only a function, a means to achieve ends. Many of us walk through it barely awake, the automatons sipping and sipping in the hope that the day will improve as the minutes go by. Indeed, as the same survey says: “People exhibit a circadian rhythm in the variety of foods they eat.” Circadian rhythms regulate us, they are our internal biological clock, running in the background. They have a simple message in the morning: toast, coffee.

And thank goodness for these chronobiological processes, because at this time of year when it’s dark and humid outside and Nick Robinson is bullying government ministers in the background of the Today program, without them I’m not sure a lot of ‘between us would get there until eleven, not to mention lunch.

So we have lunch on autopilot. Parents with young children strive to put enough in their toddler’s faces so that they have enough food to get to school and keep up until snack time. The adults try to drink coffee and, with teary eyes, can pretty much beef up their toast. And so it is, day after day, until the weekend when we manage to go away.

You know you can do better than this, you know you should. You know variety is good for body and soul, but it often feels like life is stressful enough without having to take the time to plan to revolutionize your breakfast; what looks like a claptrap article you see advertised in a horrible magazine on a newsstand at the train station and you are not going to waste money buying.

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