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As Hall says in his guide, “The key to success is how you freeze it and how you cook after freezing. Having as much as possible prepared in advance can go a long way in reducing the stress of the day. The beauty of freezing is that you can also buy and prepare enough people for the number of people you hope to accommodate, and then use some of them if plans change.

It’s important to point out that there is a safe way to freeze, says Bridget Benelam of the British Nutrition Foundation. “Make sure your freezer is working properly (it should be -18 ° C) and that you have enough space in your fridge to thaw items that cannot be cooked from a freezer because defrosting at room temperature can be a safety risk. For example, when it comes to your turkey, make sure you put it in the freezer the day you buy it. If it is difficult to find room for a large, fresh whole bird, cut it into portions and put it in freezer bags. The safest way to thaw your turkey is to place it in the refrigerator, but be aware that it can take a long time, especially if it is large. It will take 10-12 hours per kilo. Check the label for specific instructions and be sure to put it in a large dish to catch any liquid that comes out during thawing.

And avoid the danger zone, specifies Hall in his guide: “Between 8 ° C and 63 ° C, we speak of ‘Food Danger Zone’. Between these temperatures, dangerous bacteria will multiply rapidly in your food. These bacteria cannot all be killed during the cooking process. If you have cooked something and do not plan to eat it immediately, you should chill it quickly and put it in the fridge or freezer within two hours (do not put hot food in the fridge or freezer as this will increase the temperature and endanger other foods).

So, freezer bags handy – here’s how to prepare for a stress-free Christmas Day, from now …

How to cook a frozen Christmas dinner

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