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How to turn humble leftovers – and forgotten foods from the fridge – into a feast Wine News

These are humble, flexible and straightforward recipes – real fridge-cooked meals that I imagined on the spot in my kitchen in London. Digging through to see what soft herbs I needed to use or what canned beans I might find in the cupboard really made me recognize the food and products we have access to, and, in such a disposable culture, what point it is important to cherish each ingredient.

I’m not talking about fermenting or stripping anything in sight – I just mean respecting what we’ve spent our hard-earned money on and stretching it as much as possible. It’s similar to the way our grandparents (and their parents) ran their kitchens. This is what the concept of refrigeration raid consists of.

I tried to include wardrobe items in each recipe, so if you can’t get hold of the fresh ingredients I suggest, you can use what you have. In each case, you will see the original ingredients that I created the recipe with, which you are more than welcome to adhere to, as well as alternative suggestions for other ingredients that would work well as well.

It will help you save money, shopping time and energy in all its forms, as well as use up your existing stock! I’ve tried adding several alternative ideas for each ingredient, but you don’t even have to stick to those. If you have another that might work, give it a try! You can’t go too far wrong, promise.

The best leftover recipe ideas

A healthy vegetarian alternative to traditional lasagna.

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