Infiniti founder quits investment firm over sexual assault complaints Business

The Bermuda-based company counts Princess Beatrice as an executive and until recently employed David Cameron as an advisor. The former Prime Minister resigned after Ms Spottiswoode’s assertions in protest against Afiniti’s handling of the situation.

Questions remained about Mr. Chishti’s roles at the TRG, which continued to give him substantial influence over Afiniti. TRG Pakistan’s board was due to consider its future at a meeting scheduled for next week.

In an update to the Karachi Stock Exchange, the company said, “Muhammad Ziaullah Khan Chishti has resigned as CEO and Director of TRG Pakistan, effective immediately.

“Mr. Chishti also resigned from his post at [TRG International], effective immediately. This follows Mr. Chishti’s resignation on November 18 as Managing Director, Chairman and Director of Infiniti.

TRG Pakistan owns a 45% stake in TRG International, which in turn owns 38% of Infiniti. Mr. Chishti himself owns a stake worth almost 10%, which means that his management of TRG Pakistan has given him substantial influence over Afiniti.

Afiniti, which is used in call centers to connect customer service agents with consumers, includes AT&T, Sky and Virgin Media among its customers. Sky and Virgin Media owner Liberty Global said they were considering their positions after the allegations emerged.

Last week, Finiti’s new chairman Larry Babbio ordered an independent review of the allegations of Ms Spottiswoode, led by Leslie Caldwell, a former US government prosecutor.

TRG also has significant stakes in outsourcing company Ibex and e-Telequote, an insurance company.

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