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A good box lunch is something to look forward to. Lunch is a vital break from the drudgery of the workday, and it should be delicious, of course, but it’s not just about food and nourishment.

It’s an edible version of an entire cheerleading troupe, giving you enough energy to get home.

Will everything you do survive the hardships of traveling to work or school? Will the sandwiches get soggy, will the dressing leak, will the avocado turn muddy brown?

Then there’s also the health aspect – and more guilt. We’re supposed to cut back on jerky, so a ham sarnie every day isn’t a good plan. Bags of crisps are convenient but, again, not for every day – too processed, too salty, too addictive.

The same goes for most of the “lunch box solutions” that supermarkets are so eager to whip us. With that in mind, let 2022 be the year you master the art of the lunchbox.

Healthy snacks and nibbles for a school or work lunchbox

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