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Highway Code rule could lead to £100 fine for drivers on the motorway Bath City News

There are few things more irritating than other motorists driving slowly into the passing lane and blocking your path. Many, when faced with this problem, will fall into the slow lane and take on the slow traffic.

Even if there is no law on this, this road movement could see three points added to your driving licence, as well as a £100 fine – reports BirminghamLive. Indeed, the undertaking is considered by traffic authorities to be a reckless road maneuver, where the undertaker drives without care or attention.

Rule 268 of the Highway Traffic Act states: “In congested conditions, where adjacent lanes of traffic move at similar speeds, traffic in the left lanes may sometimes move faster than traffic on the right. In Under these conditions, you can follow the traffic in your lane, even if it means passing traffic in the lane to your right. Do not weave in and out of the lanes to pass.

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Although there is no specific law prohibiting the business, it could easily be a dangerous move – one that would be illegal. If the vehicle is driven in the middle lane while the lane to its left is clear, the driver could be fined by the police and depending on the circumstances, any driver engaging that vehicle on the left could also incur a fine.

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Commitment is when you pass on the inside lane. When passing a slower vehicle on the road using a lane that is curbside to the vehicle you are passing. In the UK this would be a lane to the right of the overtaken vehicle.

This usually happens on roads where there is more than one lane in the same direction, such as highways. When traffic is congested and everyone is moving at similar speeds, you may be able to commit to following traffic in your lane, even if it means passing vehicles in the lane to your right.

However, you should not enter and exit lanes to advance. The Code strongly advises you to avoid overtaking in general and you can get in trouble if you decide to go three lanes.

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