BT forced to continue working with Russian telecom operator Business

Rostelecom is Russia’s largest telecommunications company, with 13 million broadband subscribers and 10.9 million pay-TV customers, and generates revenue of around ¬£2.8 billion a year.

BT Global provides cybersecurity, cloud computing and network services to major companies around the world, including Nestlé, HSBC and Visa.

However, the company has reduced its activities in Russia in recent years and has only 17 employees in the country.

The revelations come as Marks & Spencer halted deliveries to franchise stores in Russia, Ikea closed stores and factories and Volkswagen halted vehicle production in response to the war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Vodafone ended a 14-year relationship with one of Russia’s biggest mobile operators earlier this week.

Vodafone had deepened its relationship with MTS in late January, but has since decided to put its “partnership deal” on hold as the Russian onslaught intensifies.

The mobile phone titan partnered with MTS in 2008 to help drive innovation and strengthen its consumer and enterprise arms.

MTS has more than 80 million mobile customers in Russia, Armenia and Belarus, as well as 9 million landline, broadband and pay-TV customers.

BT declined to comment.

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This notice was published: 2022-03-04 19:11:53

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