Motorsport Archives: Tyrrell seeks UK backing for hotshot Brundle Car News

The 1983 British Formula 3 series was won by the legendary Ayrton Senna – but he didn’t dominate. On the contrary, he got his money’s worth from Martin Brundle.

So it’s no surprise that while the 23-year-old Brazilian was snapped up by Toleman’s Formula 1 team, his rival Tyrrell took on the 24-year-old Norfolker.

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Ken Tyrrell’s team had won a lot in the 60s and 70s, but weren’t in great financial shape in the 80s. Yet, although Brundle brought no sponsors, Ken signed him (alongside of Stefan Bellof, who had impressed in Porsche sports cars).

He then took the unorthodox step of seeking support from British businesses in the press, even revealing his monthly running costs: £161,000 (£551,000 in today’s money).

To Ken’s lament, none were received, but his faith was immediately rewarded as Brundle finished fifth in Brazil and then an incredible second in Detroit, although Tyrrell was one of two teams that didn’t. Still no turbo engine.

Unfortunately, its strong debut season was erased from the history books when the FIA ​​ruled the 012 broke fuel flow rules.

An F1 victory never came, as he often had bad cars, but he retired in 1996, a highly respected veteran, then became a superb broadcaster.

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