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Six brilliant canned tomato recipes – from curries to pasta dishes Wine News

Has there ever been a more versatile box than one with tomatoes? They are the basis of so many dishes in kitchens around the world and they bring sparkle and vitality to foods when fresh tomatoes were just a dream.

Even food writer Georgina Hayden struggles this time of year, saying, “No matter how much I prep, I always feel the pinch in January and rely heavily on my cupboard and freezer, with the help some fresh produce. Ingredients.”

She finds her inspiration in humble and economical boxes. “Canned tomatoes are a constant and can easily be turned into a hearty, warming meal without much effort. One of my favorites is pappa al pomodoro – the classic Italian tomato and bread soup, which you’d never know was just a standard can of toms.

Along with writers Olia Hercules, Zoe Alakija, and Clodagh McKenna, she shares three brilliant recipes using the store cupboard staple — between them, a world of ideas pops up.

A few tips: canned plum tomatoes are often better than chopped ones; mash them in your hands or chop before adding them to a recipe. And if your tomatoes taste a bit “metallic”, a pinch of sugar should help.

Six of the best canned tomato recipes

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