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Five Brilliant Dishes That Transform the Humble Potato Wine News

We’ve heard of young people who have risen to fame via the social media platform TikTok – sometimes with questionable credentials to offer advice of all kinds. New cooking celebrity Poppy O’Toole, however, is very different.

She’s young, enthusiastic and lively, but her recipe tutorials are backed by a decade in professional kitchens as a chef. In fact, she started working at a local restaurant and a nursing home while still in school, before becoming a member of the Michelin-level establishments team, and then losing her job at the start of the pandemic.

Poppy (known to her two million followers as Poppy Cooks) wears white chef clothes and gives advice on everything from soups to roast potatoes; the latter has been viewed 22 million times.

Potatoes are Poppy’s specialty and her short clips often show her biting into crispy, crunchy potatoes in all sorts of shapes – which makes these recipes in her first book, also called Poppy Cooks, particularly compelling (although there are plenty of other fun recipes as well).

The four dishes featured here demonstrate the wide variety of ways to use our favorite root vegetable — and offer glorious comfort on those dark winter days.

You can order Poppy Cooks: The Food You Need, by Poppy O’Toole, is published by Bloomsbury (£16.99) from Telegraph Library.

Five Brilliant Potato Recipes

So classic, but so good! I found out that gnocchi is something you can order at a restaurant, but not necessarily at home. There’s something about making pasta that sounds super scary… but making gnocchi is so easy!

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