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Truss hails INCREDIBLE UK public as £55m raised for Ukraine in ONE day | United Kingdom | News UK News

On the first day of fundraising, £55million was raised through the joint effort of the UK government and the Disaster Emergency Committee as people dipped into their pockets to help. The amount was only surpassed by the tsunami fund in 2004 after a series of countries were devastated by one of the biggest natural disasters in recent history.

Speaking to the Sunday Express, Ms Truss said: ‘I think you saw in the public response how worried people are.

The appeal we launched with the DEC (the Disaster Emergency Committee) has already raised £55m in one day. A record since the tsunami disaster in 2004.

“People want to know what they can do to help.”

She added: “There has been a huge response across Parliament. There’s a tremendous unity because we all understand what we’re fighting for.

“The idea that a dictator can win is so odious and so worrying for European security that we are determined to do what we can to stop him.”

But the Foreign Secretary also warned that the British people will have to make sacrifices at home and pay more for goods and energy as a result of the sanctions.

She promised that a roadmap was now in place to drastically reduce the amount of oil and gas purchased by Russia.

While the UK only gets 3% of its supply from Russia, some EU countries get up to 100%, with Germany getting more than half of its supply from Russia.

“People may have to pay more, but that has nothing to do with the cost the Ukrainian people have suffered, and it has nothing to do with the cost of not stopping Putin.

“The cost of not stopping it now would be disastrous.”

She warned there would be international consequences for not tackling Putin now.

“It’s not just about European security. What will be the message to the rest of the world? If Putin does not lose, it will encourage other aggressors around the world. »

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