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Going forward, you have a choice of these drive modes, three standard, three racing: Green (racing), which is similar power to a 125-200cc petrol; Blue (racing), a 250cc; and Red (racing), a 300cc and full power. The standard modes limit the power even more, for example for young drivers. You also have the option of activating the clutch. To familiarize myself with the bike and the conditions, I go green (racing), low power and no clutch. Just twist the throttle and drive forward. No speed, no noise… It’s so simple that my 7 year old son could ride the Epure.

Aside from the lack of noise and gears, it rides much like a conventional gas-powered trials bike, with a low saddle, low weight and a natural, sanding riding position. The power delivery is smooth, easy to use, but there’s still enough thrust to blast the front wheel through the air or spin the rear tire for fun.

I’ve already done some testing and can’t wait to get through the first section (negotiating obstacles between small flags without setting foot on the ground). We walk the section first, discuss the easiest route, then try the section for real. With tests carried out at walking pace, I opt again for the Green mode (race).

The Epure facilitates the work of the first section and compliments the rider. I don’t have to worry about gears or clutching and I hear my instructor’s guidance clearly. Standing on the pegs, there’s nice balance on the bike, and the throttle is soft, not snappy.

We modify the course to make it a little more difficult, but once again the Epure simplifies life. Yes, a petrol bike would have done the same thing, but with no clutch, no gears for fear of stalling I can focus on what I’m doing: anticipating and picking the right line.

After doing some light work on the first few sections, we move on to more challenging terrain and I decide to go with Blue (racing) and the new clutch.

With the clutch on, you can hear the electric motor rev up slightly; it’s the new TKO, or tick over. Without touching the throttle, you can release the clutch and drive slowly (without fear of stalling). To increase speed, you can either just throttle up or add a bit of clutch for a torque boost.

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