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Gets better over time – December 1, 2021

The adaptation to the ID 3 of my previous Citroën ë-C4 took longer than expected. The steering of the ID 3 is slower and heavier than that of the ë-C4 and the car feels heavier. But now that I’ve gotten used to it, I’m really starting to appreciate the ID 3’s well-judged ride and handling balance and the smooth, uncorrupted feel of its steering.

Mileage: 1545

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Welcome of the ID 3 in the fleet – November 24, 2021

As electric cars quietly but inexorably slide into the mainstream, the Volkswagen ID 3 may well become the car that defines the hatchback family class in the new era, in the same way that the ubiquitous Volkswagen Golf did during a good part of my life. Although the Golf itself is not yet ready to be retired, it surely won’t be long before the ID 3 surpasses its companion in the sales charts and becomes the people’s car at the moment. zero emission era.

Considering how important the car is to both Volkswagen and the multitudes who still buy family sedans, I’m quite excited to join the growing club of ID 3 owners. , this is a car that ticks many boxes, being strong in a number of key areas, from range and performance to interior space and practicality.

This excitement is tempered by some trepidation, however, mainly due to the sheer volume of criticism that has piled up on the ID 3 (and the latest Golf) over the quality and functionality of its interior.

Surely anyone expecting to see plush materials in the ID 3 is going to be deeply disappointed. Many rivals are more sophisticated inside and have more user-friendly dashboard layouts. However, I’m willing to give the ID 3 a chance to see what it’s like to use every day before weighing in with myself.

My ID 3 is a Pro Performance model, which means it comes with a 58kWh (useful capacity) battery and a 201hp motor that drives the rear wheels and delivers a 0-62mph time of 7, 3 seconds. You can get an ID 3 with a smaller or larger battery, the latter promising a range of up to 340 miles. My mid-ranger can officially cover 260 miles between charges in the wagon version I chose – still a very respectable figure.

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