The greatest road tests of all time: Alfa Romeo 75 2.5 Green Cloverleaf Car News

Sharing much with its range-topping 90 sibling, the 75 used a front engine/rear transaxle layout and Alfa Romeo’s famous alloy-intensive V6 with fuel injection and an overhead camshaft per bank. .

Its five-speed gearbox had a lower ratio for sportier performance, but the creamy, nimble powertrain almost made those measures unnecessary, only serving to detract from cruising economy and refinement.

The sometimes jerky suspension rattles around town and the heavy wind noise on the highway could both be overcome by the glorious howl of the V6.

Driven to the limit, the 75 could be encouraged from mild understeer to easily controllable oversteer on the throttle. The all-disc brakes also worked strong and without faltering.

However, faulty ergonomics resulted in a bus driver-style seating position for taller drivers. The tweed-covered seats were quite comfortable and supportive, but the decently sized boot suffered from a high lip.

FOR Performance, engine rating, handling

VS Fuel economy, ergonomics, wind noise

Information sheet

Price £11,979 Engine V6, 2492cc, petrol Power 156bhp @ 5,600rpm Torque 155 lb-ft @ 4,000rpm 0-60mph 8.9s 0-100mph 25.4s Shift standing mile 16.7 sec, 83 mph Top speed 130 mph Economy 22.8 mpg

What happened next ?

The 1.8-litre and Twin Spark 2.0-litre four-cylinder supported the range, and the V6 grew to 2959cc in 1989, peaking at 192bhp in the new 1990s Cloverleaf. received 500 1.8-litre Turbo Evoluzione homologation cars and two turbo diesel variants. Production ended in 1992 with the arrival of the front-wheel-drive 155.

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