2022 BMW 223i M Sport Active Tourer review Car News

Yet, while it looks slick and works quite well when stationary, it’s a bit frustrating on the go due to the constant need to press a screen for basic functions usually reserved for traditional buttons. That said, the augmented reality satellite navigation that overlays directions over a real-time camera view of the road ahead works brilliantly.

Elsewhere, BMW has tried to distill the spirit of some of its sportier models into the Active Tourer, our 223i M Sport test car feeling as nimble and approachable as you’d expect from a car of this type.

It’s certainly not short on usable performance, the 215bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol unit combining with the standard seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox to deliver a 0-62mph time of 7, 0 seconds. (It’s also claimed to be capable of smashing 150mph, which blows the mind a bit.) It’s aided by that 18bhp mild-hybrid engine, which adds a bit of low-speed torque fill (and the occasional squirm steering torque) to provide a muscular boost when exiting the line and when overtaking.

It’s not the most charismatic unit, with synthesized accompaniment to its bland note when sustained, but it’s smooth enough and generally works well with the dual-clutch auto. Only occasionally does the transmission go off-track, particularly at low speeds, as it and the stop-start system manage to deliver jerky jaunts to learner-driver spec.

Another issue is the brakes, which lack the strong initial response that inspires confidence and suffer from a long pedal action that often forces you to apply sudden inputs at the last moment because the car doesn’t slow down as expected. Still, there’s nothing wrong with absolute stopping power.

Steering is quick and well-weighted, though it’s far from the last word in chatterbox reviews, while strong grip means the 2 Series clings tenaciously to your chosen line. It can feel a little scrappy in tighter corners, as if the rear axle is slightly out of phase with the front as it struggles to keep up. But in faster corners, where there’s more load through the chassis, the ActiveTourer feels poised and planted, mowing this way and that with commendable composure.

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