‘The sister has been moved between hospitals in Sussex seven times in four months’ Brighton News

IAN CHISNALL, writing in The Argus, said a debate was due to take place in Parliament this week under the title “Transport between sites in

multi-hospital NHS trusts”.

He added that he hoped Sussex MPs would participate, because of the impact this theme has on our community.

Well, it certainly had an impact on one of my sisters who was admitted to Conquest Hospital in Hastings in early November and later transported to Crowborough War Memorial Hospital for rehabilitation.

A short time later it was decided that she was not ready for rehab and so she was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital for further nursing care.

She was then taken back to Crowborough, again for drug treatment. However, very soon after arriving she was rushed to Pembury Hospital

Accident and Emergency Department because she was so sick.

Following this admission, she was then taken back to Eastbourne Hospital, from where she was taken to Rye Memorial Hospital which, at the time of writing, is seeking to transport her to a nursing home.

Hastings – Crowborough – Eastbourne – Crowborough – Pembury – Eastbourne – Rye. With seven hospital transports in less than four months, I think it

would be safe to say that my sister is an expert on the subject of “Transport between sites in multi-hospital NHS trusts”.

It was an extremely moving experience for her, which is hardly surprising given that my sister Gill is 91 years old.

Eric Waters

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