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Dragons’ Den flop slammed by Deborah Meaden is now a household name worth millions Bath City News

There have been plenty of lands rejected by the notorious dragons of BBC’s Dragons’ Den – but few have become household names.

But there are a few top products that have made millions even after a brutal toasting by the five business tycoons, and one such product has continued to sell a unit every 20 seconds after being criticized for looking like “a horse brush” by Deborah Meaden, who lives in Somerset.

That product is the Tangle Teezer, a hairbrush that’s constructed in a way that’s not supposed to tug on knots, making it less painful to get through tangled tresses, reports Daily Star.

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Entrepreneur Shaun Pulfrey entered the den in 2007 to throw the Tangle Teezer to the dragons, but found himself falling at the first hurdle. He was looking for an investment of £80,000 for 15% of the Tangle Teezer brand.

Theo Paphitis snatched a piece from Paul, as he wasn’t yet sure if the wholesalers would take it – as he ‘had no product to sell’. Theo hit back: “That’s rubbish. Having no product to sell is irrelevant, actually knowing if they’re going to take it, you can go and make the product.

“There’s no point making the product, having 20,000 people sitting in your back room and them saying, ‘Shaun, this is rubbish, man’. That’s not smart. , is not it?”

Shaun fell at the first hurdle

Deborah Meaden was there to twist the knife, as she compared the Tangle Teezer to a horse brush. She said, “What’s the difference between this and horse grooming tools that actually look exactly like this?”

They also raised concerns that it was not patent protected, although things went wrong from the start when Shaun tried to brush his model’s hair and ended up ripping it out. head instead. Duncan Bannatyne added: “It’s not a business, Shaun. It’s not a business that would make money.”

But that’s where they were wrong – because the Tangle Teezer went on to make millions. Shaun sold his own stake in the business last year and scored £70million for his troubles. That’s more than Deborah Meaden’s estimated worth.

Tangle Teezer sells four products every 20 seconds, and although counterfeit brands have tried to take the crown, none have succeeded so far. However, the experience didn’t deter Shaun, who told the Daily Record: “Dragon’s Den was born out of a close friend of mine who was constantly trying to persuade me to apply for the show.

“Two weeks later, after an audition in White City and numerous phone calls, I was standing in Den in Pinewood studios being torn apart by five Dragons. Although I didn’t pass, I did. received a 15 minute ad, what more could you want?”

Shaun said Tangle Teezer’s website crashed the night the episode aired, with so many people wanting to show interest in his game-changing product.

You can watch Dragon’s Den on Thursday on BBC One and catch up on iPlayer.

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