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1 Leading 2022 BMW iX Road Test Review
The all-new, zero-emissions flagship luxury car strikes in bold, sophisticated styling, just like 1990s tech companies did about the arrival of the Millennium Bug in 2000. However, only a few seem pretty bold to consider it the greatest business opportunity of our young century. On the European electric car scene with the likeable i3, BMW has obviously planned a busy few years of zero-emission launches – because, from a not-quite-standing start, the BMW Group is aiming for 50% of its total sales will be electric-only by 2030. If there’s one surefire way to show the world you’re serious about electrification, it’s with a statement car as the test drive subject of this week. The BMW iX is an electric halo model based on an all-new EV-only platform that not only comes to dominate its closest electric SUV rivals, but also helps redefine the luxury car for the zero-emissions era, and to blow the compromises we expect to apply to them. With its most powerful versions breaking the 600hp barrier, a claimed range spanning nearly 400 miles and prices in excess of £110,000, the iX promises to take few prisoners among the existing electrified SUVs of the Marlet. It’s time to find out if, and exactly how, he could deliver. The BMW iX range at a fine glance of the model scale, along with the fastest and most expensive Teslas at the other end. considered de facto trim levels and are also very likely to influence residual values.

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