“Bring the Beaten Fools Back to Brighton” Brighton News

I ALWAYS read letters from Eric Waters, and most of the time I don’t agree with him, but he knows with the local police.

As Eric says, eco-vandals who have dropped people’s tires know they’re not going to get caught by a cop on the spot.

The only time they could be apprehended is if someone saw them at the car and called the police, but then they would have finished and left.

Also, I couldn’t help wondering why none of the car alarms had gone off.

It’s common sense to beat up a policeman. In my time, most of the cops who were pounding, especially in the housing estates, were known to you.

They knew the bad guys and you felt safe. They weren’t far.

Moreover, all the police stations have disappeared. How much did it cost to maintain one?

Eric’s point – and that of most people I talk to – is that we really need walking bobbies, otherwise people like the Eco Squad can do exactly what they want, when they want.

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