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Tackling your garden in anticipation of spring is no small feat

It’s spring and your garden needs updating

Warm weather and planting season are on the horizon, and with spring officially starting on March 20, now is the best time to get your garden ready.

While it might be tempting to invest in a professional gardener, the gardening experts at Primrose have revealed seven tasks that can all be done in a single afternoon to get your garden ready for spring.

Plus, you’ll also save £150 on the professional gardener!

Prepare for spring with the right tools (photo: adobe)

Primrose’s resident gardening expert, Evie Lane, said: ‘Warmer weather is at hand, so tidying up just one weekend afternoon is the perfect opportunity to start preparing your green space.

Taking the time to prepare is essential for a successful bloom year, but after following our preparation tips, gardeners will find that the smallest jobs can transform our garden the most.

Preparing plants for spring flowering (photo: adobe)

Seven tasks to get your garden ready for spring in one afternoon…

1 Clean and sharpen garden tools – ten minutes. You should clean your gardening tools regularly to make them last longer.

2 Spot clean your garden for debris – 20 minutes. Starting a large yard cleanup can be an over-the-top job, but doing a little basic cleanup can transform your whole yard.

3 Trim your plants – one hour. There is no better time than the present to carry out the annual pruning.

4 Prepare your lawn for the first cut – 30 minutes. The first cut of the year doesn’t come until the first dry spell in March, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your lawn some love before you mow it.

5 Weeding and mulching – 1.5 hours. It’s time to tackle the weeds that have made their way into your soil.

6 Clean and treat garden furniture – One hour. Any garden furniture should have been covered or put away over the winter – but if not, now is the time to see if you can get it back in time for the warmer months.

7 Add plant supports – 30 minutes. Put your plant supports in place before the first shoots start to appear.

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