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Ukraine: Why was the Ukrainian flag removed from Sheffield Town Hall, and what replaced it? UK News

Ukraine’s flag, a blue stripe above a yellow stripe, flew above Sheffield Town Hall this week in an act of solidarity with Ukraine resisting a Russian invasion.

City Hall was also lit up in the yellow and blue of the flag, joining monuments and government buildings around the world in support of the beleaguered country.

But on March 1, while the room was still lit in blue and yellow light, a new flag was seen flying above the building – a yellow cross on a black background.

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What is this flag that flew over Sheffield Town Hall on March 1?

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It is the flag of Saint David, patron saint of Wales, and was flown to celebrate Saint David’s Day (March 1). The flag, known as St David’s Cross, is sometimes used to represent Wales, although it is less common than the Red Dragon flag.

On March 1, Sheffield City Council tweeted: “Happy St David’s Day! Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! To all our Welsh friends and visitors to Sheffield.

The Ukrainian national flag flew over the city hall from February 25, the day after the launch of the Russian invasion – the largest conventional military operation in Europe since World War II.

Sheffield Council has confirmed that it is St David’s Flag.

Sheffield City Council tweeted an image of the flag flying above the venue and wrote: ‘The clock in Sheffield Town Hall was lit in the colors of Ukraine tonight and we fly the Ukrainian flag.

“This is to show our support for the people of #Ukraine and to show that the people of #Sheffield will do all we can to be the light in the darkness #WeStandWithUkraine.”

The blue in the flag of Ukraine represents the blue sky, while the yellow represents the wheat fields that have made the country known as the breadbasket of Europe.

Hundreds of people braved the evening rain in Sheffield to show their support for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

There have been several protests outside Sheffield Town Hall in support of Ukraine since the invasion began. Hundreds of people gathered on February 27 and 28 holding placards painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and carrying slogans calling for an end to the invasion.

Donations of supplies for refugees fleeing Ukraine are being collected in Sheffield and across the country this week.

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