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The March equinox will see the sun move north across the line of the equator, marking the season of spring for countries in the northern hemisphere. On March 20, the Northern Hemisphere will begin to tilt more towards the Sun, leading to increased sunshine hours and warmer temperatures.

This means that you will soon start to notice longer periods of daylight – but your sleep in will be slightly shorter that day.

Most smartphones and watches adjust automatically, which means you won’t have to change them manually, thankfully.

Why is it called British Summer Time?

Contrary to its name, British Summer Time does not mean that we are entering the summer season, as stated above, we will actually be entering spring.

The term summer time proved so popular that the time zone was named British Summer Time to reflect this.

Many other countries around the world also have this practice, but they know it as “Daylight Saving Time (DST)”.

When will British Summer Time end?

BST will last until Sunday, October 30, when the UK will resume operations on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from 2am.

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