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Fearne Adger died aged eight months at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) after her parents were referred to take her there, fearing she was not eating or drinking properly and that she had problems draining fluids. The child’s mother, Lauren Adger, attributed Fearne’s death to “failures in her care at the RAH”.

Ms Adger, 37, described how her daughter became ‘lethargic’ and started breathing rapidly while on a ward a day after being admitted to hospital.

Although doctors performed CPR and administered shocks in an attempt to restart her heart, they were unable to save her.

Ms Adger told an ISP at Paisley Sheriff Court that Fearne’s death on April 29, 2017 could have been prevented if medical staff had given him IV fluid for dehydration.

She said in a statement during the virtual hearing: “After Fearne’s death, it was clear to me that there were gaps in his care at RAH.

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“I had repeatedly told the staff that her nappies were dry and she was lethargic and I had asked about the possibility of intravenous fluids.

“But I was told she was showing no signs of clinical dehydration and it was just a virus.”

Pointing to one of the doctors at the hospital, the bereaved mother continued: “Those words, ‘just a virus’, will stay with me forever and the way Dr Woo said them will stay with me forever.

“I was a first-time mum and trusted the medical staff.

“I didn’t know what was normal for a baby with a stomach bug, but looking back it’s sickening that my baby was forced to suffer with no one trying to help.”

Ms Adger, recalling how she sang for her daughter when she suddenly started breathing ‘rapidly’ and went limp, said nurses rushed her for treatment, leaving her in a ‘state of panic’ .

She added: “I struggle every day with what happened to Fearne and I feel like the fact that it wasn’t just a mistake but a catalog just feels unbearable.

“My precious daughter was everything to me and we went to the RAH for help, but we felt like a nuisance.

“When she was admitted we finally felt she was getting the care she needed, but months later we found out that the doctor responsible for her care for a full shift had not checked on Fearne. just once and her drip was removed without examination or thought about how much fluid she had produced.

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“This mistake is very difficult to live with and Dr. Woo’s failure to enter the room is unforgivable.”

Ms Adger, who now has two other children, concluded her statement by saying: “It is impossible to say how special and amazing Fearne was or how much she is loved.

“The loss of her was horrific and I feel like she was robbed of her life, a life that I hoped would have been happy and fulfilling.”

The girl’s father, David Adger, told the inquest: “Fearne’s death had a huge impact on my life, it changed me as a person.

The 57-year-old marine electrician added: “I’m glad the FAI is performing. All we want is the truth for Fearne.”

The family raised £3,800 for the Scottish Cot Death Trust by climbing Ben Nevis in 2019 as a tribute to Fearne.

Sheriff Senior Donald Murray offered his “sincere condolences” to the family before the hearing began.

The inquest, ordered by the Lord Advocate, is continuing.

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