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Sheffield fuel prices: Where can I find the cheapest unleaded petrol and diesel in town today? UK News

Gasoline prices hit record highs in March. By Sunday March 13, the average cost on UK forecourts had risen to 163.46p, while diesel rose to 173.44p.

To help you, we’ve listed all the currently active petrol stations in Sheffield, ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

There’s a lot of money to be saved – there’s a difference of over 17p between the cheapest and most expensive stations for unleaded, and a difference of 36p for diesel.

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Here are the cheapest petrol stations to refuel unleaded and diesel in Sheffield today, March 14.

Where can I find the cheapest unleaded petrol in Sheffield?

Costco, Parkway Drive – 153.7p

Tesco, Abbeydale Rd – 153.9p

Morrisons, Hillsborough – 154.9p

Morrison, Catcliffe – 155.7p

Jet, Bradfield Rd – 155.9p

Coop, Birley Moor Road – 155.9p

Price still low, City Road – 157.8p

Sainsbury’s, Archer Road – 157.9p

Texaco, Penistone Road (last reported March 7) – 159.9p

Jet, Northfield Road – 159.9p

Jet, Owler Lane – 159.9p

Esso, Ave Wordsworth – 159.9p

Asda, top of the mansion – 160.7p

Asda, Handsworth – 160.8p

Sainsbury’s, Wadsley Bridge – 160.9p

Sainsbury’s, Meadowhall North – 160.9p

Shell, Carlisle St – 161.9p

Esso East Bank Rd – 162.9p

Tesco, Saville Street – 162.9p

PO Box Chesterfield Rd – 162.9p

Shell, Netherthorpe Road – 163.9p

Shell, Herries Road – 163.9p

Esso, Prince of Wales Road – 165.9p

BP, Leppings Lane – 163.9p (March 9)

Esso Ridgeway Rd – 163.9p

Shell Ecclesall Rd – 165.9p

Shell Greenland Rd – 165.9p

PO Box Sheffield Rd, Tinsley – 165.9p

BP, Bramall Lane – 166.9p

Shell Ecclesall Rd – 165.9p

Esso, Fullwood Rd – 166.9p

BP, Greenland Road – 169.9p

Shell, Handsworth Rd – 169.9p

Where can I find the cheapest Diesel in Sheffield?

Tesco, Abbeydale Rd – 155.9p

Costco, Parkway Drive – 161.9p

Morrison, Meadowhead – 162.7p

Price still low, City Road – 162.8p

Morrison, Catcliffe – 165.7p

Sainsbury’s, Archer Road – 165.9p

Morrisons, Hillsborough – 166.9p

Jet, Bradfield Rd – 166.9p

Esso, Wordsworth Avenue – 166.9p

Jet, Northfield Road – 167.9p

Shell, Carlisle Street – 167.9p

Sainsbury’s, Wadsley Bridge – 167.9p

Sainsbury’s, Meadowhall North – 167.9p

Asda, top of the mansion – 168.7p

Asda, Handsworth – 168.8p

Coop, Birley Moor Road – 168.9p

Jet, Owler Lane – 169.9p

Esso, Fullwood Rd – 171.9p

Texaco, Penistone Road (last reported March 7) – 173.9

Esso, Prince of Wales Rd – 173.9p

BP, Leppings Lane – 173.9p (March 10)

Esso Ridgeway Rd – 173.9p

Texaco, Ecclesall Rd – 173.9p

Tesco, Saville Street – 174.9p

Shell, Netherthorpe Road – 175.9p

Shell, Greenland Road – 175.9p

PO Box Sheffield Rd, Tinsley – 175.9p

BP, Bramall Lane – 179.9p

Shell Ecclesall Rd – 179.9p

Esso East Bank Rd – 179.9p

PO Box Chesterfield Rd – 179.9p

Shell Herries, Road – 179.9p

BP, Greenland Road – 191.9p

Shell, Handsworth Rd – 191.9p

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