Nio ET7 Premier Version Review Car News

Like the Mercedes-Benz EQS, the ET7 is equipped with the Dolby Atmos system, which integrates speakers in the roof above each seat to give greater depth and spatial definition to the musical experience thanks to a total of 23 loudspeakers.

Rear headroom should be enough for anyone over 6 feet tall, and legroom is good. A small digital panel on the back of the center console controls the climate and seat functions. The rear seats gain air cushions and the front massage, heating and cooling functions. With the panoramic roof, the space is incredibly airy.

The trunk is large, but its side walls are a bit flimsy.

In Sport+ drive mode, the steering and suspension stiffen up and acceleration is quickest. On the track, it allows the ET7 to remain serene, despite its size, thanks to the air suspension and continuous damping control.

Sport, Comfort and Eco modes are also available, along with the ability to create a custom mode by mixing and matching settings. Other modes, such as Snow and Sand, will likely follow over-the-air software updates.

Outside of Sport+ mode, tThe steering tends to be light, which, coupled with the ease with which the steering wheel can be disoriented (you need to make sure the logo is facing the right way), means it can be problematic.

There’s a bias towards front-engine power, with the more powerful rear-engine being used primarily for acceleration and those times when all-wheel drive is really needed. An option allows you to slow down the acceleration time to 12.9 seconds and make the car front-wheel drive only.

The strongest regenerative braking setting is labeled Standard. It’s far from aggressive, and the Nio’s setup brings the car to a hill rather than a stop anyway, so one-pedal driving is out of the question.

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