Polestar details its plan for a new climate-neutral electric car in 2030 Car News

Polestar took on an ambitious pledge launch a “truly climate-neutral car” in 2030, and is on track with a long research and development program to determine how the environmental impact of its procurement and construction processes could be reduced.

Shortly before unveiling the new 02 sports EV concept – which itself previewed some of the sustainability-focused cues that could define future Polestar models – the company confirmed five new partner companies it will work with. on the project, which was launched in 2020.

The program is called The North Star 0 – a reflection of its expected environmental impact. Hans Pehrson, Polestar’s former head of R&D and now in charge of bringing it to fruition, told Autocar that the goal was to create a “marketed car” rather than a concept.

“What kind of car will come later – convertible, SUV, city car, whatever…” he said, explaining that the 10-year program (which began in 2020) is divided into three distinct stages.

“We have a detailed timeline to get there. We should have a production start in 2030. Three years before that, we have to start detailed product development in the automotive sector: 36 months is quite common.

“Before this begins, we have to look at the architecture. Are we going to build it on aluminum, steel or something else? Will it be four-wheel drive? Will the battery be under the floor?

Pehrson said his division “will have to be ready with some really deep research” in 2025 for the company to achieve its goals.

The research program will take into account the impact of all materials, components and processes used in car manufacturing, but Pehrson said: “If we make a breakthrough this year or next year, we can implement them in a change of model year or in a launch of a new car in 2024, 2025 or 2026.”

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