Review of the Alpine A110 Legende GT (2022) Car News

It’s unusual to know as much about the entire life cycle of a sports car, past and future, as we already know about the Alpine A110.

We know, for example, that while the first examples were delivered to continental Europe in 2017, the last ones will be made in early 2024, before the company’s Dieppe plant is reassigned to production of its all-new family of electric Alpine models.

There will be an electric successor to the current A110 being developed alongside Lotus, of course, but also a performance version of the electric Renault 5 saloon and a slightly larger electric crossover coupé.

It remains to be seen which of these cars will be manufactured in Dieppe and which elsewhere, but it’s a safe bet that there won’t be any more room for combustion engine cars. The clock is clearly ticking for the piston-engined A110, then.

It has already given birth to numerous special editions, not to mention a full treble of motorsport versions (Cup, GT4 and Rally). But, on the eve of the arrival of a facelifted A110, we’re now taking the opportunity to test the road test rule of what, in principle, looks like the definitive version of the pre-facelift car: the Legend GT. .

This model is a chimera of its kind: an A110 with the softer chassis settings of the mid-range Legend derivative but the upgraded 288hp engine, brakes and sports exhaust of the track-ready A110 S ( a car whose firmer suspension and more purposeful execution was not taken as keenly in this parish as the simpler, smoother versions of the A110).

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