2022 Nissan Qashqai Long Term Review Car News

At the moment the Qashqai is offered in the UK only with a two-power 1.3-litre petrol engine (a full hybrid option is coming soon and Nissan has dropped all diesel powertrains). We opted for the more powerful 156bhp version and chose the six-speed manual gearbox over the CVT.

When we put the Qashqai through Autocar’s extensive road tests, that powertrain was the only part of the car that really “frustrated” with the engine and gearbox not feeling particularly well matched. It certainly lines up with my experience so far, with the caveat that once I’ve updated the Qashqai it’s generally smooth, serene and enjoyable.

It’s definitely not a dynamic driver, but you wouldn’t expect it to be. It’s designed for a pleasantly easy ride so far, whether for short city trips or highway jaunts. Just like with an Ed Sheeran album, even those craving something more edgy should respect how easygoing the Qashqai is.

I doubt the next few months will prove the Qashqai to be anything more than a lovable family transport. What we aim to uncover are the hidden depths and characters, or whether they turn out to be as harmless as any Ed Sheeran album.

Second opinion – Illya Verpraet

How much excitement do you expect from your family SUV? In too many cars, a little too much “excitement” comes from buggy infotainment systems and wonky ergonomics. The Qashqai has none of that, and there’s something to be said for being able to listen to Ed Sheeran in peace, although I prefer a bit of jazzy improvisation.

Nissan Qashqai DiG-T 158PS Tekna specs

Price: New list price £31,565 List price now £32,585 Price as tested £32,710

Options: Magnetic blue paint £745, two-tone black pearl roof £400

Fuel consumption and range: claimed savings 44.1mpg Petrol tank 55 liters Test average 41.7mpg Test better 44.9mpg Test the worst 40.8mpg Real world range 505 miles

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