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Arran Chambers, who runs the Sheffield Marathon for Andy’s Man Club, warns of the dangers of gambling UK News

But now South Yorkshire dad Arran Chambers is taking to the streets for the Sheffield Half Marathon to make sure others are helped from the mental anguish he has endured over the betting troubles.

He hopes to use the race, which hits town on Sunday March 27, to raise money for a men’s mental health support organization, Andy’s Man Club.

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Arran Chambers, pictured training on Snowdon, runs the Sheffield Half Marathon for Andy’s Man Club

Arran, 29, said: “Men’s mental health is a big, unspoken issue.

“I’ve struggled with some dark times myself because of the game, and I’ve had a lot of help along the way. I’ve been lucky, because I’ve had a lot of help my family, and we don’t talk about it enough. If I can help anyone, that’s all I want.

He said he took advice and once attempted suicide because of his gambling problem and the debts he was accumulating as a result.

Arran Chambers runs Sheffield Half Marathon for Andy’s Man Club

“I feel like gambling is the devil’s game. From school to college I got into a lot of debt. Then I started drinking and found myself in a downward spiral.

“Now I use running to clear my head. I tell people what I’ve been through and it helps people.

“They’ve changed the laws now, but there was a time when I could put £1,000 in a slot machine.

“I’ve been in thousands of pounds in debt. It drives people crazy and out of this world. You play in secret. At one point I was living with my parents and going to the bathroom to play online. I would leave and be secret about it, in the rooms or in the car.

“Most of my debt is now paid off. I also have a little boy who inspires me. I can afford the repayments now and I’m settled.

“I used to get a buzz from playing. Now I get it from working and running.”

“I’m running for a cause that’s really close to my heart.”

Arran, from Dinnington, now works for a crisis team which helps vulnerable young people with a variety of complex needs.

He said mental health was a topic very close to his heart.

He added: “Over the years I have been blessed with the help and support of my family and friends who have always been there for me when things got tough. The sad reality is that not everyone has this level of support on their doorstep and must deal with these struggles on their own. Andy’s Man Club is an amazing charity that provides that support and sense of belonging to men struggling with their mental health and the burdens of life.

“I’ve found that running has helped me conquer a lot of my demons and helped me win mental battles that I’ve struggled with over the years. So I think that would be a great way to challenge myself and raise money for a great cause to help others.

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