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2010 Subaru Outback 3.0 R 80,000 miles, £6990: This should be fun: a fairly rare 3.0-liter car with a full-size panoramic roof. Fancy all-tan leather, too, but also a hitch, so it’s not afraid of hard work. Full service history.

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Toyota Celica, 1999-2006: The seventh generation Toyota Celica is a smart thing. Light and lively, it’s poised and well-balanced, thanks in part to an engine that’s not overly powerful. Progress is pretty quick and you actually enjoy the riding experience, rather than just hanging on to life. The four potentiometers produce a nice muted sound, and you have to turn it hard to get the most out of it.

That said, over-rev creates loads it simply cannot handle, causing the timing chain to break. A decent standard kit included air conditioning, power windows and alloy wheels, while the Premium trim added air conditioning, leather and a CD player. Sport meant a few extra details including a body kit and alloy pedals. The dynamic was similar.

There was a facelift in 2002 and minor specification tweaks, making Style and T packs available. Although the Celica is nominally a four-seater, it’s really quite tight in the back. Interestingly, the sunroof of British cars is made of a special polymer rather than glass. It may be much lighter, but it can be scratched and marked easily.

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