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North East commuters face travel chaos as Met Office issues dense fog weather warning UK News

A weather warning has been issued as the northeast looks set for fog and patchy frost after temperatures plummet overnight.

Met Office meteorologists have now issued a yellow warning for the North East stating: ‘Plates of dense fog are expected this morning. The tips cover the east of the country from Newcastle to Lincoln and will last until 9.30am. It includes the East Midlands, the North East of England as well as Yorkshire and the Humber.

The Met Office added that people can expect ‘slower journey times with delays to bus and train services, flight delays or cancellations’. Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said: “The night is going to be cool with temperatures dropping to 2°C to 4°C, but even below zero in some Scottish valleys.

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“And certainly a cold start here away from the west coast of Scotland where the temperature will withstand this breeze, but lots of blue skies rolling down from Shetlands all the way to the end of the country. We may experience mist and fog even in northern Ireland and the patches span northern England.”

The Met Office, however, forecast that the North East will experience sunny weather later today.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge: fog on the Tyne
Gateshead Millennium Bridge: fog on the Tyne

They said to expect the following conditions: “Mist or fog patches are possible until mid-morning, and conditions will remain foggy along the coast but otherwise sunny and warm. Clouds will bubble up at a few places in the afternoon, bringing a very slight chance of isolated showers. Maximum temperature 17°C.”

This evening the temperature is expected to drop further as the dry weather gives way to more frost and fog in the morning.

Leading meteorologists said we should expect the following conditions: “Remaining dry and largely clear throughout the evening and overnight, with temperatures dropping again to give scattered frost and occasional patches of fog and fog in the dawn. Minimum temperature 1°C.”

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning
The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning

BBC weather forecaster Ben Rich agreed: “High pressure is still near on Wednesday, remaining mostly dry and with this clear sky overhead. A fairly chilly start to the day with temperatures dropping to freezing and below freezing in a few places.

“A couple of early patches of fog as well, these should tend to lift and dissipate early in the morning, then it’s another fine spring day with long spells of sunshine and the vast majority will remain dry. “

According to the Met Office, we should expect the following conditions today:

07:00: 6°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

08:00: 7°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

09:00: 8°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

10:00: 10°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

11:00: 13°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

12:00: 15°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

13:00: 16°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

14:00: 17°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

15:00: 17°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

4:00 p.m.: 16°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

17:00: 15°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

6:00 p.m.: 15°c, Sunny, Rain: <5%

19:00: 14°c, Clear night, Rain: <5%

20:00: 13°c, Partly cloudy, Rain: <5%

21:00: 12°c, Clear night, Rain: <5%

22:00: 11°c, Clear night, Sunny, Rain: <5%

23:00: 11°c, Clear night, Rain: <5%

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