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M5 crash: HGV drivers react quickly to protect injured motorists near Weston-super-Mare Bath City News

A tanker and lorry driver have been praised for their quick-wittedness after a multi-vehicle accident on the M5 last night (Wednesday March 23). Two lanes of the motorway were closed and emergency services remained on the scene for much of the evening after the crash, which happened at Junction 21 in Weston-super-Mare.

Both drivers stopped to help, as well as provide information and dash cam footage to police. One of the men, who was driving the Jays/RT Keedwell truck and witnessed part of the incident, was Josh Pring from Somerset.

He described how events unfolded and how he reacted quickly to help protect those already injured. He told Bristol Live: ‘I was coming back to our business yard in Highbridge, following the tanker in lane two as lane one often slows down as it approaches the Weston Junction.

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He continued: “I saw a plume of smoke or steam ahead and a car turning from lane one to lane two. When this happened the tanker ahead of me stopped in the lane. lane two and crossed lanes one and two to protect myself from any other vehicles using those lanes and hitting people who were already injured.

“I did my best to comfort and help those involved as well as several other people who witnessed the accident, including the tanker driver, a motorist and a Red Cross rescue worker who was passing by. There was extensive damage to two of the vehicles involved, but all the drivers were out of their vehicles by the time I joined them.

“After that, the emergency services took over and I stayed to provide contact information and make a statement, as well as to continue to protect everyone there until a road closure. appropriate is in place.”

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Josh and the tanker driver both received high praise from members of a Facebook group dedicated to the M5. A comment read: “Kudos to the truckers for instinctively using their vehicles to protect those involved in the crash.”

Another said: “Kudos to you for doing this. You’ve stopped more accidents from happening.” While a third wrote: “Tried to call your company to compliment your actions well done drive! Much respect.”

And a third said: “Kudos to you truck drivers for making an RTA area as safe as possible.” Other commentators simply said “Bless you” or “Thank you”, adding that the drivers were “an asset” to their teams.

Josh said: “I don’t think the praise is warranted, I’d like to think someone would do the same for me if I was involved in something like this and I did it to help those affected I hope those involved are doing well and recovering soon.”

Avon Fire and Rescue said three vehicles were involved in the collision. The South West Ambulance Service and Avon and Somerset Police have been contacted for further details.

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