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The windshield wipers, too, while impressively quiet, were slightly erratic in their intermittent setting and proved unprepared for the changing rains of Wales. And while we’re on the subject of wipers, the omission of a rear wiper on a hatchback-style body like this just seems like a weird move. Rear visibility isn’t great anyway, and in the wet the rear screen quickly gets covered in grime, so you have to rely almost entirely on the exterior mirrors (or the rear camera when walking back).

That said, it always felt safe on wet tarmac, which is crucial when combining the words “grandma” and “mountain roads”.

And upon arrival, family members young and old agreed that the Arkana was magnificent. Even the hard-to-please kids loved it, though they were disappointed to learn it was a Renault, which at least shows it punches above its weight in terms of kudos.

The interior, too, arouses a lot of admiration with its cheerful colors (although they don’t extend to the rear) and that large portrait-style touchscreen, which gives it a real flash of modernity.

In the dark, the headlights are strong and the automatic high/low beam switching works well, while the infotainment system’s night mode effectively reduces interior glare. And, those earlier issues aside, it’s a remarkably easy-going car, from the simple, logical climate control to that excellent rear camera and intuitive front and rear parking sensors.

For vacations that were always more stressful than expected, the Renault proved to be a relaxing companion.

To like:

Infotainment screen That it’s able to clearly bundle map, media and phone and also black out for night driving is neat and thoughtful.

Hate this :

Transmission Too-sharp brake pedal, interminable shifting and frenetic gasoline engine behavior upset what could be a laid-back car.

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