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Dancing on Ice results fallout sees ‘correction’ claims emerge as fans clash over result UK News

Dancing on Ice fans clashed over the outcome of Sunday night’s final.

After more than two months of fierce competition and hugely entertaining television, the ITV show has come to a close for another year, with a final that drew millions of viewers. Just Kimberly and skating rivals Brendan Cole and eventual winner Regan Gascoigne, were left standing in the hunt for victory and, after the three skated two routines with their pro partners, the standings were tied at 80 points each.

Only the two couples with the most votes from the public were able to do Bolero and, while she was dressed in the obligatory purple outfit, it was Kimberly who missed out after finishing third alongside Mark Hanretty. And Kimberly’s final position was the first bone of contention for many people watching Dancing on Ice at home.

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One tweeted: ‘Kimberly got robbed should have been Kimberly and Regan in the final Kimberly was consistent throughout’, with another equally annoyed viewer reacting: ‘No that’s not right Kimberly and Mark are better than the others”

Her third place finish was enough to spark cries of a fix on Twitter and the same accusations were leveled at the final result, when Regan and Karina were announced as the winners of Dancing on Ice.

While many fans were quick to rejoice over Regan’s win and praise him and Karina, others felt that Brendan and Vanessa were the better couple. Quick to vent his anger, one viewer fumed: “Brendan and Vanessa were robbed should have won it’s a fix as their bolero was far superior.”

Feeling exactly the same way, another tweeted: “Brendan Cole and Vanessa, my mile winners. Yet another solution! Shameful!” A third lambasted: “Dancing on the ice what a solution! Bo**ocks…another program that should be scrapped.”

Prior to the announcement of the victory, other Dancing on Ice viewers had blamed Brendan’s victory, after still scoring 40 for his first performance in the final, despite a stumble.