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The car is lively and engaging, regardless of the engine installed. Sure, its straight-line performance only goes from Up GTI to Polo GTI by today’s standards, but put it on a good twisty country road and the Corrado is a real blast.

In fact, when we tested the VR6 version against a 1992 BMW 325i Coupe, we called its handling “extraordinarily good” – citing its sophisticated and capable chassis as a particular asset – and crowned the mighty VW as the winner. It really is that good to drive.

In the verdict of this same test, we had already called it “classic”. We also explained that we wouldn’t be surprised if, 20 years from now, he was called “one of the greatest of all time.” We think you’ll agree with a few definite predictions – ones that ring even clearer today than 10 years ago.

What was said then

May 31, 1989: “Perhaps the strongest value of the Corrado is its balance. The “passive” steering of the rear wheels works wonderfully and the car combines great clamping capacity with rock-solid stability. Acceleration from a standstill is spirited rather than spectacular. VW claims a top speed of 132mph for the 16-valve car, although that claim seems, if anything, a little conservative. Overall, the Corrado is impressively refined. It’s a great machine to drive.

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