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Lotus’ ability to deliver the Eletre in less than three years is remarkable given the average lead time of six to eight years in much larger, mass-produced automakers.

You feel that meant many sleepless nights for everyone involved, exacerbated by not inconsiderable pressure from Geely owners to achieve such a goal – but, by Jove, they did.

During this time, not only did Lotus build a design center from scratch and the team within it to design the car, but it also created a bespoke electric platform, rather than a stolen one. elsewhere in the Geely empire.

Now that the Coventry design base for non-sports car Lotuses is up and running, hopefully the task of creating the Type 133 and Type 134 will be a little less stressful.

Even so, it won’t be child’s play: the 133 is due in 2023 and the 134 in 2024, which still means incredibly fast turnaround times compared to industry averages. A version of the Type 133 was hidden from our prying eyes when we visited, so it’s clearly in the works.

The first Eletres should be delivered next year. Lotus showed the design and technology intent of the Eletre with this near-production concept. Now it must offer the quality and performance expected of any car at this level of the market.

Anything less will quickly leave a bitter taste, no matter how impressive the development of the car.

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