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The two circular dials of the three-spoke, thick-rim steering wheel will be familiar to MC20 owners. One controls the drive modes (Off Road, Comfort, GT and Sport, as in the standard Grecale, plus the hardcore Corsa), while the other is the start button on that 3.0-liter V6 523 c.

As in the MC20, the Nettuno offers plenty of lag-free low muscle, and it has no trouble carrying the Grecale at indecent speed with very little effort, but aural drama is rare.

Only when extended in Sport or Corsa mode does it deliver the bark and bite you expect, finding its growl voice and razor-sharp responses as it tears up to the redline at just over 7000 rpm.

Maserati claims a BMW M3 beating 3.8 seconds for the 62mph emergency start, and it feels just as quick as the numbers suggest.

It’s aided by an eight-speed automatic gearbox that delivers crisp, snappy gear changes (although in Corsa it might be a little too impatient, sending the gears home with enough violence to throw your head against the headrest). Speaking of which, the brakes are snappy at low speeds but provide a powerful, progressive stop when worked hard.

The steering is quick, precise and well-measured, with the car turning surprisingly fast in the corners. Any loss of cornering bite from the winter rubber up front is offset by the relative lack of grip at the rear and an aggressively eager electronically controlled limited-slip differential, the car eager to avoid a few subtle degrees at exiting the bend if you’re in the mood.

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