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Hour-by-hour forecast as region wakes up to frosty morning after overnight temperatures plummet UK News

The Northeast wakes up to another frigid morning as the cold spell continues. The region has been hit by wintry downpours in recent days as temperatures plummeted overnight.

Sub-zero temperatures were predicted to be expected in many parts of the UK on Friday evening, while in Rothbury, Northumberland, the temperature is expected to drop to -3C.

The weather continues to be as changeable as ever as those in Gateshead woke up to frost and mist which then quickly turned to clear sunny skies, while residents of Seaham had hailstones early on Saturday morning , followed by a beautiful sun.

The Met Office weather forecast reads: “A freezing start for many places, then cloudy at times but also a few sunny spells, with scattered showers. Showers will be mainly this afternoon, although some may start the day, and will be sometimes wintry, especially at height. Maximum temperature 8°C.”

And for tonight: “The remaining showers will fade quickly leaving a small scattered cloud but also long clear periods, allowing widespread freezing to develop. Isolated patches of freezing fog may form. Minimum temperature -3° VS.”

Here is the hour by hour weather forecast

9 a.m.: 1C, Sunny intervals, Rain: <5%

10 a.m.: 3C, Sunny Intervals, Rain: <5%

11 a.m.: 5C, Cloudy, Rain: <5%

12 p.m.: 5C, Overcast, Rain 10%

1 p.m.: 6C, Cloudy, Rain: 10%

2 p.m.: 6C, Overcast, Rain: 10%

3 p.m.: 7C, Cloudy, Rain: 10%

4 p.m.: 7C, Sunny intervals, Rain: <5%

5 p.m.: 6C, Sunny, Rain: <5%

6 p.m.: 6C, Sunny, Rain: <5%

7 p.m.: 6C, Sunny, Rain: <5%

8 p.m.: 5C, Clear night, Rain: < 5%

9 p.m.: 5C, Clear Night, Rain: <5%

10 p.m.: 5C, Partly Cloudy, Rain: <5%

11 p.m.: 4C, Partly Cloudy, Rain: <5%

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