Mercedes-Benz EQXX: radical electric vehicle technology confirmed for production Car News

Other developments include a new thermal system said to save a lot of energy by using heat from the transmission to heat the cabin, while a plate under the car takes advantage of airflow along the underbody for cooling.

Mercedes claims that up to 95% of the EQXX’s battery power ends up in the wheels. In comparison, ICE vehicles typically operate at around 30% efficiency.

Rated at 201bhp, the EQXX’s compact new engine is mounted in a lightweight carbon fiber subframe at the rear and runs through a single-speed transmission.

It’s controlled by a power electronics system based heavily on that of the Mercedes-AMG One hybrid hypercar, but with a new generation of silicon carbides for what Mercedes said is a significant reduction in losses compared to systems in place on EQ-badged models today.

“The electric range looks simple, but it’s a complex technical challenge,” said Joerg Bartels, EQXX Engineering Team Manager. “The easiest way is to put a bigger battery in the car. However, this leads to diminishing returns, due to size and weight. With the Vision EQXX we managed to push efficiency to a new level.

The front of the EQXX takes on the look of a sports car, with a low leading edge, short bonnet, sweeping fenders and large wheel arches. The iconic Mercedes grille is replaced by a star graphic incorporated into the front bumper, while digital LED headlights are paired with a full-width LED light bar.

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