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Originally, you could only get the 635i, powered by a V8. Back in 2004, the 630i straight-six was arguably the best buy, with 30mpg potential and a little extra lightness to fine-tune handling. A redesign in 2007 brought the Efficient Dynamics package to the 630i, which increased the MPG to 35.

If you’re concerned about fuel rollbacks, the 635d straight-six diesel was quick but also scored 40 mpg. If none of that matters, there was a V10 M6 for the fans, boys and girls, but let’s stick to the standard cars.

All you need to know is that each Series 6 costs a fortune to run and it’s best not to be tempted by the sometimes marginal prices. A clogged diesel particulate filter is the least of your worries. The oil can leak everywhere and should scare you. Also worn valve stem seals and failed engine seal. A professional inspection is required.

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Rover Streetwise, 2003-2005: Here’s a real oddity: the Rover 25 reinvented as a crossover. In many ways, it’s just a dumb derivation of a fairly ordinary little sedan. But it’s rather endearing and becomes something of a collector’s item. There aren’t many left now, so good luck finding one. They were a few hundred pounds a short time ago, but they are now on the rise.

There was only one engine, a 1.4-liter gasoline four-cylinder that could reach 38 mpg. It always had head gasket issues, so you have to watch out for that. Otherwise, it’s rust, wear and tear (suspension and brakes) that take their toll. Oh, and the neglect of owners who never appreciated that it was a vehicle of historical significance.

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