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Former Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry undergoes DNA testing in bid to restore thinning hair UK News

Former Geordie Shore glamor star Chloe Ferry says she underwent DNA testing in a bid to restore her lush hair.

The 26-year-old from Newcastle, who is best known as a cast member of the hit MTV show Geordie Shore and also appeared on the 19th series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2017, says she thinks the stress causes her to lose her hair, Walesonline reports.

The reality TV star recently returned to her brunette roots after years of bleaching to retain her signature blonde hair, causing serious damage in the process.

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Now Chloe – who first appeared on Geordie Shore’s 10th series in 2015 – has had a genetic test used to uncover underlying factors in the development of alopecia and hair loss – at the clinic award-winning Juvida hair transplant. The test also focuses on providing fully personalized treatments for alopecia – a condition that made headlines after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars for joking about Jada Pinkett Smith’s trendy haircut for his alopecia areata.

Chloe, who doesn’t have alopecia areata but thinks her hair is thinning due to her ‘very high and low stress levels’, hopes the genetic information revealed by the test will help her get her luscious hair back .

She said: “A few years ago I was struggling with my hair because of bleaching and hair extensions. I want my hair for the summer to be really thick and healthy. My stress is very high and low at the minute i think with covid and all.

“I feel like I’m fine now. [But] that’s probably why my hair is so fine. I think hair is the most important thing in a person. Once I blow dry, I feel like Kim Kardashian.”

Chloe took a quick tongue and cheek swab before the samples were shipped to a lab in Barcelona, ​​Spain. There, hair experts will analyze the genetic content and the results will then be sent back to Juvida Clinics, who will evaluate her results and then arrange the formulation of the perfect treatment for her hair.

Chloe said: “They put the swab on your tongue and on the sides of your mouth – it was so quick. They sent it to Barcelona to do a DNA analysis.

“It’s to make sure I get the right hair products to take care of my hair. I really hope the DNA testing helps me continue my journey to thicker, fuller long locks.”

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