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News from London: Gang in balaclavas hid outside school with baseball bats waiting for students | United Kingdom | News UK News

Police were called to St Pauls Academy, Abbey Wood, on April 1 after hearing allegations of a masked group hanging out. Officers searched the men and found one who had a baseball bat concealed in his clothing.

The man was arrested by Sergeant Geoff Warren on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon.

The suspect in question was already out on bail for grievous bodily harm and was later charged and remanded in custody.

School staff had alerted police after checking the nearby area on the last day of term, the local force said in a statement.

A Greenwich Police spokesperson said: ‘Officers at Greenwich School were on the last day of quarterly patrols and received a call near St Pauls Academy from a gang of men in balaclavas waiting for the students leave.

“They were first on the scene, searched the group and one of them had a baseball bat hidden in his clothing.

“Police Sergeant Geoff Warren found the bat and made the arrest.

“The suspect was out on bail for grievous bodily harm, so he was charged and remanded in custody.”

Finchdale Road Roman Catholic Academy, which counts rapper Tinie Tempah among its alumni, has about 1,200 students aged 11 to 16.

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