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The massive Airbus A400M Atlas transport plane could be heard by residents of Glasgow, Scotland, as it performed what appeared to be various take-off and landing maneuvers. The aircraft appeared on the Flightradar24 flight tracking service as it made repeated loops over the North and South of the River Clyde before descending to an altitude of around 600ft (or less) at the Glasgow airport and then to leave.

The turboprop military aircraft was tracked as it flew into Glasgow from its base at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, before entering airspace over the Glasgow area at around 10.35pm.

It then returned south of the border around 35 minutes later at 11.10pm, Glasgow Live reports.

Many residents took to Twitter to share news of the plane’s presence, with one tweeting: “Big A400 on a low flight over Glasgow tonight. Flying from Brize Norton.”

Others recounted their panic and appeared to have had their sleep disrupted by the flight, as one posted: ‘Fuel crisis? So why do the RAF have planes doing laps around Glasgow at that time,” along with a sleep emoji.

A third questioned: ‘Does anyone have any idea why this RAF flight from Brize Norton is circling Glasgow airport, descending a few hundred feet, but n ‘not landing?’, with another Twitter user responding with, ‘Training apparently.’

Another puzzled resident wrote: ‘RAF plane circling Glasgow, continues to descend just above the airport, then climbs and does another loop. Weird!’

The RAF’s Airbus A400M Atlas, which costs around 150 million euros per unit, operates as a tactical airlifter to deliver supplies or personnel.

It has the capability to carry a payload of 37 tonnes over 2,000 nautical miles to established and remote civilian and military airfields, including Brize Norton.

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