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“We weren’t allowed to drive, but the trip went well. Seating in the front was good, seating in the back was not. A fairly long wheelbase, at 115 inches, and with coil springs the rollover angle may not work too well in rutted conditions. The on-road price of around £60,000 means this isn’t a utility vehicle or luxury SUV either, so it’s hard to understand their market.

“No electric powertrain on the horizon either, although maybe they can get a BMW electric motor. No other Ineos product on the horizon, other than a pickup version, so is this a viable business Mr Jim [Ratcliffe] is incredibly successful; what does he know that we don’t? »


A lot of nonsense falls into the inbox of a car hack, but what about today’s crop for a vintage example? According to research from a website called GoodbyeCar (a car shopping chain, despite its discouraging name), cooking a ‘good old’ UK roast dinner produces as much CO2 as it takes to drive a car gasoline for 123 miles. The question is, what am I supposed to do with this information? To be impressed that a modern petrol car emits so little CO2? Are you horrified that a modern petrol car emits so much CO2? Give up roast dinners? Or just hit the delete button?


Have you heard of Landy and Fender? Me neither until today. They are car characters based on old Land Rovers, the twin stars of a series of eight children’s books created by an enterprising lady from Cornwall called Veronica Lamond.

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