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Top tips for getting the most out of your balcony garden (Photo: Adobe)

Get into gardening!

With spring officially beginning on March 20, now is the perfect time to take possession of your outdoor space and prepare it for the warmer months.

And to help those living in an apartment or smaller space, experts from regulated property buyers Good Move have revealed five top tips for creating your own balcony garden.

Having a small green space of your own is a real blessing for the mind, body and soul. So to help the inhabitants of an apartment or an apartment, regulated real estate buyers, Good Move offers advice on how to create your own balcony garden.

Prepare for spring with the right tools (photo: adobe)

Best tips:

1 Know what can grow there. It is very important to choose the right type of plants for growing on a balcony or outdoor apartment.

2 Consider the climate of your balcony. If your apartment gets a lot of light, you’ll have better luck with regular garden plants that thrive in heat and sun.

3 Plan your space carefully. When it comes to creating a balcony garden, you need to think about your space, to make sure you still have time to be outside and enjoy your balcony as well as have a little space there. garden. If you have vertical wall space on your balcony, attach a tall planter frame for more growing space.

4 Don’t overcrowd the space. Most balconies and rooftop terraces will be sturdy enough, but if you plan to sit in your little piece of heaven, don’t overload the floor with heavy terracotta pots, cement or wet compost, or you’ll risk straining the foundations of your balcony space.

5 Choose your containers carefully. Although it is important not to choose heavy containers for your plants, you should also be careful with very light containers, such as pots or plastic beds. High winds could knock them over or even knock them over completely.

A few gardening tips

Good Move Director Nima Ghasri said: “We hope this guide will inspire people living in flats or flats with balconies to make the most of their space and add a little oasis of calm and comfort. peace to their abode with a garden balcony – perfect for spring.”

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