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Here are the solutions to Thursday’s Sheffield Star daily riddles UK News

The Sheffield Star has launched a new section of puzzles.

Here are the latest answers for The Star, Sheffield, Daily Crossword.

You can also browse puzzles from the previous two weeks if you missed one.

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Here are all the crossword puzzle answers you’ll need for Thursday, April 7, 2022:

Cryptic: Through: 6 Allowed; 7 beams; 9 Any; 10 Concealer; 12 camels; 15 Evening Star; 17 Striped; 19 End; 21 bonds; 22 Revisit.

Bottom: 1 sling; 2 Fox; 3 pesos; 4 mercurial; 5 Taxed; 8 brides; 11 drunks; 13 threats; 14 Expeller; 16 Anvil; 18 Even; 20 Lit.

Quick: Across: 6 Liberty; 7 Coverage; 9 crazy; 10 improvised; 12 Membership; 15 sassy; 17 staggered; 19 For; 21 Sprinkle; 22 Assault.

Down: 1 treat; 2 sets; 3 Hoax; 4 Competent; 5 Reprimand; 8 Reduce; 11 Foreign; 13 patterns; 14 To imitate; 16 World; 18 Other; 20 Deviation.

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