Turin’s chance: Alfa Romeo boss details radical comeback plan Car News

Alfa Romeo’s 2021 performance in the UK – just 1,574 cars sold for a 0.1% market share – reflects the fact that it currently only has two models on sale, the Giulia saloon and SUV Stelvio, none of which targets the most in-demand segments.

Compare that to the early 2000s, when the volume was around 17,000, and the picture isn’t pretty. But Alfa Romeo UK boss Damien Dally is hopeful.

“We’re going from two relatively small segments to the larger one,” he says. “This is very good news for our retailers, as we immediately have a much wider appeal.

“The other thing is electrification, which is a big issue for Alfa Romeo. It gives us an opportunity in the fleet market that we didn’t have before.

Dally hopes the Tonale, and the new cars that follow, will expand the brand’s buying appeal beyond the typical male enthusiast to more families and women.

There are no aspirations to rival the German giants in volume, but Dally believes Alfa Romeo can return to its peak in about five years.

“We don’t want to have role models in every segment,” he says. “We are a brand with an incredible heritage that makes cars you can enjoy every day. Our mantra is to develop cars that people fall in love with, which is not a mass approach.

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