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The growing prevalence of bolder sport styling on new utility vehicles might just be proof that pickups, trucks and vans inevitably follow where passenger car market trends lead.

This week’s test drive topic, however, suggests something more interesting might be brewing. Some buyers of these super-functional, hard-working utility vehicles might be ready for more serious pseudo-performance minivan derivatives right out of the showroom than have been offered thus far. They might even be willing to pay surprisingly high prices for them.

The Transporter Sportline is the new top-of-the-line version of Volkswagen’s midsize van. Having been added to the Transporter lineup in 2021 shortly after a mid-life facelift for the T6 generation vehicle dubbed the T6.1, the Sportline adds more than a few token exterior styling touches. Its specs include 18-inch alloy wheels with performance tires, lowered sports suspension and part-leather sports seats, along with the small roof spoiler and eye-catching front bumper shown on these pages.

So what are we to think of the idea of ​​a 2.1-tonne utility monocab that wears a hot hatch outfit at least semi-seriously? Is it a genuine attempt at a cargo hauler with a little extra driver appeal? Or is it just a dose of visual dazzle for the entrepreneur who wants the world to know his bathroom faucet business is doing well? And anyway, does that have any implications for the functionality or usefulness of this vehicle in its primary purpose?

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