Iceland turns Capri Sun, J2O, Vimto and more into popsicles – How to get yours Brighton News

Iceland is getting us ready for summer by turning our favorite drinks into delicious popsicles.

The supermarket helps us freshen up and refresh ourselves in the best way by freezing the country’s favorite branded drinks exclusively for their customers.

The exciting news comes after the successful launch of the Tyson Fury Furocity range of energy drinks.

Whether you’re looking to add some family favorites to your freezer in time for the warmer weather or need something sweet to cool down after your workout, these new popsicles are for you.

L'Argus: Strawberry and Blue Raspberry fusion lollipops.  Credit: IcelandStrawberry and blue raspberry fusion lollipops. Credit: Iceland

Iceland turns popular drinks into popsicles

Iceland says its line of Tyson Fury popsicles are guaranteed to be a hit with customers.

The extended range is sure to refresh you after a sweat and it’s also packed with vitamins B6 and B12.

J20 Orange Passionfruit Popsicles are another freezer fan favorite.

Savor the fruity dose of zesty orange and exotic passion fruit as the weather finally warms up a bit.

For Capri Sun fans, Iceland has turned the classic cardboard drink into a popsicle and you can even get them for a bargain £3 for a 12-pack until April 25.

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Slushies are our go-to when you’re hitting the movies or lounging in front of the TV and now they’ve gotten an ice cold upgrade with a Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Fusion flavor as well as a red mix version.

You’ll also find the new Vimto Vibe popsicle that’s sure to thrill your taste buds with its signature blend of grape, blackcurrant and raspberry.L'Argus: Capri Sun ice lollies.  Credit: IcelandCapri Sun popsicles. Credit: Iceland

Complete and exclusive range of ice lollies from Iceland

  • Furocity Original Energy Sticks (£3.50, 320ml, 4 pack)

  • Furocity Sour Apple Punch Energy Sticks (£3.50, 320ml, 4 pack)

  • Furocity Sour Cherry Energy Sticks (£3.50, 320ml, 4 pack)

  • Furocity Blue Raspberry Energy Sticks (£3.50, 320ml, 4-pack)

  • Capri Sun Popsicles (£3.00)

  • J20 – Orange and Passion Fruit (£2.50, 3 pack)

  • Vimto Vibe (£2.50, 3-pack)

  • Slush Puppie Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Fusion Lollies (£2.00, 6pk)

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